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4 Ways to Use String Lights to Show Off Your Lawn

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Lighting up your lawn and garden at night helps you and your guests see a little better, and helps you show off your hard work.

You spend a lot of time making sure your lawn and garden is perfect. From mulching to mowing to planting to preening, showing off your hard work is the payoff for all that effort. There’s just one problem, when the sun goes down, no one can see that well-kept lawn. Here are a few ideas for keeping the spotlight on that luscious lawn and gorgeous garden.

Across a Patio

Concentrating the lights in one area makes it clear where everyone should congregate, and makes eating outside a little easier. Since the light will fade away into your lawn, it’ll feel like you’re standing on the edge of some infinite wilderness, when really the fence is just out of sight.


This one’s more of a project than the others, but you’ll end up with unique and great looking lanterns you can place anywhere in your yard. First, find a few lanterns you like. They don’t have to match, but they should look good together. Next, instead of using candles, fill the lanterns with string lights and some natural elements. Pine cones and branches are great for this. Finally, hang the lanterns around your yard so that the light they give off overlaps and you don’t end up with dark spots.

Around a Tree

Wrapping a tree in string lights might sound like something that should only be done in December, but this is a great idea for those with large trees spaced out around their yard. The tree’s light up different parts of the yard while accenting the tree and, if you have one, the garden full of home-town pride around its base.

Hang From a Window

A great way to light up your whole backyard, hanging string lights from a window of your house to a point across your yard creates a welcoming soft light. This works the same as hanging the lights across the patio, except it extends to your entire yard.

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