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4 Ways To Save Water In Your Garden

Are you looking to save water in your garden and lawn?

Are you looking to save water in your garden and lawn?

Although we get a good amount of rain in Maryland, it’s always important to practice water conservation wherever possible. Using less water in your garden or lawn is helpful for saving money, as well as being environmentally friendly. If you are looking for some easy and helpful ways to save more water in your garden, we’ve got some great tips.

Use Mulch

Mulch is a necessity for saving water in your garden, as a thick layer of mulch retains a lot of moisture. Mulch acts a barrier for preventing evaporation, and keeps the ground cool for your flowers and plants, allowing them to soak up more water. If you try planting in the ground without any mulch or wood chips, the ground will not retain the moisture as well.

Watering Schedule

Having a schedule is great for a gardener, as you can always keep track of the last time you watered your plants and know when it’s time to water again. Early morning is the best time for watering your garden and lawn, as it is typically quite a bit cooler than the afternoon. If you get to watering your garden before the sun is shining brightly, it prevents evaporation and water loss due to heat. Even if you like to sleep in, you can still water your plants early with an irrigation system set on a timer. This is a great option as a water timer will not overwater or underwater your plants, and you’ll be able to keep a very strict watering schedule.


Incorporating stones in your garden is another great way to save some water. You can build a stone path that leads to your garden, so it will catch runoff water whenever it rains and bring it back to the plants. Also, stone decorations and sculptures add a nice touch to any yard, while holding moisture and keeping your yard cool.

Check The Forecast

As mentioned above, Maryland gets a decent amount of rain, so be sure to check the forecast before watering in the morning. If the forecast is predicting rain during the day, you won’t need to water on your own that day. Knowing when the rain is coming allows you to save water while keeping your garden safe from overwatering.


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