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4 Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards

A small backyard has a lot of landscaping potential!

A small backyard has a lot of landscaping potential!

Many people avoid landscaping in their small backyard, as they believe the space is too small to work with. Even if you don’t have a big yard and aren’t able to fit everything you want to in your landscape, small backyards still have a lot of potential! In fact, a small yard means less maintenance on your end and is much more affordable than gardening for a huge space.


Even if you have a small space to work with, there are plenty of ways you can make the yard functional. Start with ideas of what you’d like to use the yard for, whether that means entertaining, relaxing, or as a play area for your child or even your pet. If you have enough room for multiple functions, break up the yard into separate areas. For example, a patio with a large table for outdoor dinners can be located closest to your home, with a fire pit and comfortable seating at the back of your property.

Focal Points

It’s easy to tell how small a backyard is when it is empty, as the eye scans the whole area at once and nothing pops out. However, with strong focal points spread out throughout the yard, you can change the perception to make the area look much bigger. Pathways are a great focal point to start with, as they create a clear sense of movement and tricks the eye into thinking you have more square footage.

Go Vertical

While you only have a certain amount of space from one side to the other on your property, you can always landscape upwards! Vertical landscaping is not only a great way to incorporate more into the small space, but it also makes your yard feel much more spacious. Mix in green and colorful plants of varying heights spread out around the yard or an interesting look, or use your fence as a building block for plants and flowers.

Simplicity Is Best

The most important tip when it comes to landscaping for a small yard is to keep it simple and clean. If there’s too much going on, the yard can look even smaller than it already is. While there are many options for landscaping in a small area, remember that less is more and know when to hold back.


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