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3 Spring Gardening Tips

It's almost time to prepare for spring landscape maintenance!

Follow these tips to have an amazing garden in the spring.

It is the middle of March, so spring will be here before you know it.  Right now is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for springtime.  It is time to revitalize your soil and plants and start growing some amazing flowers and produce for your entire family to enjoy.  Luckily, there a few simple gardening tips you can follow once spring arrives.

Clean It Out

When starting to prepare your garden for spring and the warmer weather, it is important that you clean out your garden any weeds and debris.  When you are digging out any weeds, make sure you are starting at the roots so that they will not grow back. Make sure that your garden is clear of any leaves, and that it is clutter free.  It is also good to sharpen your tools and replace any items that are ineffective.

Add Mulch

One item that you should add to your garden is mulch, which helps prevent weeds from growing and taking over.  You should spread anywhere from one to three inches of mulch, and make sure it is a few inches from plant stems to prevent rotting.  Mulch is essential at providing moisture to your soil and helps maintain the temperature of your garden.

Start Planting

Once you have got your garden in order and cleaned it up, it is time to start planting flowers and shrubs.  It is best that your plant items that will last a few years, such as perennials, and do not require constants maintenance.  If you plant annuals, just know you will have to replace them every year. The type of plants you want to grow depends on what is readily available in your area and the specific aesthetic of your garden.  If you want to grow produce, then lettuce and peas are great items to plant.


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